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Radio Sangeet Masti

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Radio Sangeet Masti means “Pleasant Melody.” And since its beginning in May 2001, Radio Sangeet Masti continues to enhance the lives of New Zealand growing South Asian community with pleasant melodies and creative programming. Radio Sangeet Masti broadcasts 24 hours a day on line listeners also Android apps. Radio Sangeet Masti is a web based non-interactive Indian music radio station from New Zealand, also we broadcast from Fiji . We stream Indian music 24x7, interview and promote local talents. Radio Sangeet Masti takes every steps and support all initiatives that bring Indian communities together. We are committed to give a platform for Indians to showcase their talent and culture on air. Our distinct programming reaches out to over 500,000 listeners throughout New Zealand and the city’s surrounding areas. In addition to the best of Bollywood, listeners enjoy interactive shows on Radio Sangeet Masti, including local, national, and global news, comedy time, interactive forums, distinguished guests, intellectual quizzes complimented with gifts, and much more. Catching on to the Radio Sangeet Masti wave are diverse businesses seeking advertising opportunities during their favorite radio programs. Thanks to its unique programs and segments, Radio Sangeet Masti is a favorite among not only New Zealand area businesses, but also international businesses in South Asia and other Oceania Region.

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  • Christchurch : Online



Address: 4/104 Waltham Road, Sydenham, Christchurch

Telephone: +64223039909