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MAD Fm Worldwide

Diversity Through Music

We are Diversity Through Music. Passionate about delivering commercial-free, uninterrupted musical variety to you 24/7/365. Mad Fm Worldwide has been delivering diverse and commercial-free music to listeners for over 10 years. With a worldwide listener base, Mad Fm Worldwide is dedicated to promoting diversity through music. Mad Fm Worldwide plays a variety of music, from rock and pop to electronic and disco (and everything in-between), ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. The station is committed to playing new and emerging artists, as well as established acts, to give listeners a chance to discover new music they may not have heard before. The station's tagline, "diversity through music," is reflected in its programming, which features a wide range of genres and cultures. This allows listeners to explore and appreciate different styles of music from around the world. With its commitment to promoting diversity through music, Mad Fm Worldwide is a unique and exciting station that is worth tuning into. Whether you're a music lover or just looking for something new to listen to, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

Programs and Announcers

The Overnight Show - A classic Selection of Easy Listening Music, The Flower Power Hour With Ken and MJ - Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll, Muziek van Ton - A uniquie combination of music from the 60s and 70s, The Independent Music Show with Tom Lambert - Playing Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World, Color Red Radio with Mike Rogers - The coolest independent music from the west coast USA., 50 Years of Pop with Peter Kirkpatrick - Easy listening music from 1950 to 2000, Rock MADness - Solid Rock Tunes for 2 hours, The Eurovision Show with Simon Harding - Celebrate the music of Eurovision past and present, Lite Lounge with Dimitri K - Smooth Jazz and Lounge Music direct from Orlando, Florida, Hits of the 80s - Back to the Future with a selection of great music, FAB - Funk and Blues - Funk and Blues Classics, B Side - Steve Benz with a classic selection of music from the 80s and 90s, Scenes from the Sixties - Classic hits from the era, Hexagon Radio - Don Diablo presents the latest House tracks, The Rock Block with Ian Davies - Classic rock, prog rock, punk rock, glam rock, Goddess is a DJ - Nathassia brings you her Weekly show, Energy of Trance - DJ Bastiq brings you Trance direct from The Netherlands, Saturday Night Party Shuffle - Classic Party Tunes from the 60s,70s,80s, and 90s, Forgotten Retro Radio with Jim Tirey - Forgotten Hits from the 1980s, Long Live House the Radio Show - Graeme Park Presents his Weekly Show, Jazz on the Rocks - Classic and Modern Jazz, Vinyl Impressions with Martyn Brown - Hits from the Decades only on Vinyl, That Show with JJ Kane - A collection of Indie music from great artists, Dick Lee and the Iceman Present 60s Garage Rock - A trip through the 60s Claifornia Rock Scene, Saturday Morning Housework - Live from NZ, DBC brings you Fine House Music, The Friday Starter - Easy Listening Morning Variety, Directions in Tech - Tech house direct from Europe's Finest Djs, The Sunday Lounge Suite - Classic Lounge Music, Easy Monday Music - Smooth Variety to start the week off right, Villahanager Captain Presents Music in the Air - Chilled House Groves, Can you Dig It - Get down and Funk it for 2 hours, Musical Tuesday - Classic easy listening songs for a few hours, Rock n Roll 50s Style - Shake Rattle n Roll for the next 3 hours, The Golden Years with Philip Medcalf - Music from 1960-2020, Keith Lawrence Presents The Reggae Rock - The Best in Reggae Music from around the world, Kills Mix - Sebastien Kills - Direct from France, Looking for the Perfect Beat - DJ Irvin Cee - Deep, Dark and Awesome, Mid-Week Morning Break - Smooth Variety to start the morning off right, The Laurent Schark Selection - Chilled House Groves, Let Your Feelings Flow - Doktor@Funk presents Deep House, The New Music Foodtruck - Corey Stroud is servin' up only the tastiest tracks from around the world, Solid Gold Sounds with Chris Pitchford - 70s and 80s music and it’s modern contemporaries, Monday Night Nostalgia - Music from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, The Deuce Show - Matt Barker Bringing you the latest and greatest Indie Artists, My House the Radio Show - DJ Chiavistelli, direct from Italy, Eye on Jamz - Tim Board brings you indie music from around the globe, A Funk Above the Rest - Join Skip the Funktologist for two hours of Funk Town Grooves, Disko Diva - Classic 70s Disco and Funk, Direct from Muscle Shoals - Stephen Foster brings you indie music variety from the USA, Cleve Baker Presents Confessing the Blues - Blues Roadhouse Party!, MAD Legends of Rock Monday - Solid rock Only Legends, storming you into the week, Monday Night Nostalgia Theatre - Radio Dramas from the 30s, 40s and 50s, Sunday Morning Chillout - Smooth Groves for a mellow morning start, Night of the Living Dreads - Fine Reggae Music all Night, The Indie Americana Show - Beth Williams Presents American Indie Artists from across the USA, Sugar Radio - Robin Schulz brings you the latest tracks from around the world, A Higher State - Trance direct from Europe's top Djs, Greatest Hits USA - Chuck Mathews Playing America's Favourite Classic Songs, Mindflash Presents Delicious House Sensations - The Latest Funky House Beats, Hits of the Nineties - Back to the Nineties with a selection of great music, Hot House Hours - Dave Baker brings you red-hot house tracks