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NZ's home for hip-hop and R&B - Beats that move you

Owned and operated by New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME), Flava FM is a radio network formerly known as Cool Blue. It has been on air since 2001 featuring hip hop and R&B music.

Programs and Announcers

Flava Full Phat Breakfast, Pete Da Palagi on Days, Smashtime Listen Live, Daz on the NiteShift, The Dirty 30 Countdown, DJ Manchoo, David Rodney, Johnson, Daz, Clinton Sparks

Frequencies FM

  • Auckland : 95.8 FM
  • Hastings : 96.7 FM
  • Christchurch : 88.0 FM
  • Dunedin : 88.6 FM
  • All Frequencies



Address: 54 Cook Street, Private Bag 92 198, Auckland, New Zealand 2014

Telephone: 09 373 0000